venerdì 14 giugno 2013

Redskins - Rarities

Redskins a mix of punk and R&B soul, like a mix of The Clash and Searching For The Young Soul Rebels era Dexys Midnight Runners. The lyrics are basically extended slogans and leftist rants. All the tunes are catchy and just so full of energy.
The Redskins Rarities album was a bootleg vinyl and contains all their best.
Keep on Keepin' on!

02-reds Strike The Blues
03-Kick Over The Statues
04-The Peasant Army
05-Lev Bronstein
06-Lean On Me
07-Keep On Keeping On
08-16 Tons
09-Young and Proud
10-Take No Heroes
11-Turnin' Loose (Live)

Hot Shots Reggae Chartbusters '71

A  good LP compilation  from Trojan records  in 1971. All classic reggae hits!
Great artwork spaghetti western style ;-) Enjoy!!

01. Greyhound - Black And White
02. Jackie Edwards - I Must Go Back
03. Derrick Harriott - Groovy Situation
04. Nicky Thomas - Love Of The Common People
05. Bob & Marcia - Young Gifted And Black
06. Horace Faith - Black Pearl
07. Dave Barker & Ansel Collins - Monkey Spanner
08. Dave Barker & Ansel Collins - Double Barrel
09. The Maytals - 54-46 Was My Number
10. Freddie Notes & The Rudies - Montego Bay
11. James Chambers - Bongo Man
12. Jimmy London & The Impact All Stars - Shake A Hand
13. The Pioneers - Let Your Yeah Be Yeah
14. Bob Andy & Marcia Griffiths - Pied Piper

On Target: 20 Direct Hits From The Mod Revival

If you're just starting to get into the 79 mod revival scene, this is where you should start.
This compilation has all the best bands and songs from that era. You should be pleased with this one whether you're a newbie or a seasoned scenester. Simply put, no other mod revival comp out there rivals this one!  20 tracks - 20 direct hits!

1. The Jam - When You're Young
2.  Chords - Maybe Tomorrow
3.  Secret Affair - Time For Action
4.  Purple Hearts - Millions Like Us
5.  Merton Parkas - You Need Wheels
6.  Squire - Walking Down The Kings Road
7.  Back To Zero - Your Side Of Heaven
8.  Teenbeats - Strength Of The Nation
9.  Lambrettas - Go Steady
10.  Times - Biff Bang Pow
11.  Jolt - See Saw
12.  Long Tall Shorty - By Your Love
13.  Secret Affair - My World
14.  Chords - British Way Of Life
15.  The Nips - Gabrielle
16.  Small World - Love Is Dead
17.  Purple Hearts - Jimmy
18.  Killermeters - SX 225
19.  Teenage Filmstars - I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape
20.  Circles - Angry Voices

giovedì 13 giugno 2013

The Diodes - Tired of Waking Up Tired: The Original Recordings - 1977-1979

All 25 of the Canadian new wave/punk-pop act's recordings for Epic, each is digitally remastered & on CD for the first time. Contains their first two LPs, 'The Diodes' (1977) & 'Released' (1979), including the singles 'Red Rubber Ball' & 'Tired Of Waking Up Tired', plus the previously unreleased cuts, 'Noise', Dead On Arrival', & 'Burn Down Your Daddy's House', & previously unreleased non-LP versions of 'Mercenary Flight' & 'Terminal Rock'. Enjoy!

1. Noise
2. Red Rubber Ball
3. Child Star
4. Tennis (Again)
5. Blonde Fever
6. Plastic Girls
7. Death In The Suburbs
8. Behind Those Eyes
9. Midnight Movie Star
10. We're Ripped
11. China Doll
12. Shapes Of Things To Come
13. Time Damage
14. Headache
15. Burn Down Your Daddy's House
16. Teenage Nation
17. Photographs From Mars
18. Madhouse
19. Mercenary Flight
20. Tired Of Waking Up Tired
21. Jenny's In A Sleep World
22. Weekend
23. No Right To Make Me Bleed
24. Terminal Rock
25. Dead On Arrival

The Flys - See For Miles Compilation (1977-1980)

The Flys are one of pop music's best kept secrets. Unfortunately they happened at a time when pop music was temporarily kicked into touch, by the onslaught of punk. If The Ruts were the most poptastic of all the hardcore bands, with a punk attitude, then The Flys were their mirror image, combining great pop songs with a raw, staccato delivery which actually did have some people think that, they were merely one of the many punk, bandwagon jumpers. Anybody listening to this album will realise they were far more than that. They weren't just good in the studio either. I saw them live on several occasions and they were simply wonderful. The Bowie influence is obvious, but far more than this, The Flys displayed a rare talent for writing memorable and intelligent pop songs, which should have catapulted them into the top division of the genre. Unfortunately they got little exposure and are now virtually forgotten. One of the two main songwriters later resurfaced in a band called The Lover Speaks who released one amazing album in the mid eighties. The album included the sublime 'No More I Love You's', later covered by Annie Lennox on 'Medusa', but history repeated, as they once again sank without trace. Anyway back to the album in question. It has not got one bad track on it and my only complaint is, that through lack of available running time, many great tracks had to be left off it. Easy solution is to buy the two original albums 'Waikiki Beach Refugees' and 'Fly's Own', which have been reissued with loads of bonus tracks. The Flys are gone, never to return but we can still reminisce and dwell on what might have been.

1 - Name Dropping
2 - Love And A Molotov Cocktail
3 - Waikiki Beach Refugees
4 - We Are The Lucky Ones
5 - Walking The Streets
6 - Beverley
7 - Don't Moonlight On Me
8 - We Don't Mind The Rave
9 - Down
10 - What Will Mother Say
11 - Undercover Agent Zero
12 - Night Creature
13 - Today Belongs To Me
14 - Let's Drive
15 - Fascinate Me

London - Reboot

LONDON formed in 1976 in London and were part of the early British punk scene but within two years they had broken up. They released a few singles and in February 1978 their one and only album ‘Animal Games’ was posthumously released. By this time, however, they had all gone their separate ways. with 34 years delay! "Reboot" is the second full-length album.  Ten brand new punk cuts with interesting The Who-hints. Includes The Eyes’ cover "When the Night Falls".
 Great, meaningful comeback! They're not too old for kickin' Punk Rock!

1. When The Night Falls
2. Pop    
3. Minute Man    
4. Every Dog    
5. Rebecca    
6. Animal Attraction    
7. Like It Never Happened    
8. Celebrity Crash    
9. Standing Alone    
10. Get Out Of London    
11. 77 Dreams

Long Tall Shorty - Sound Of Giffer City

Long Tall  Shorty  were formed in 1978 as one of the earliest and best Mod Revival band, split up in 1982 and reformed in 2000.  2009, they are back with 15 new songs incl. a Re-working of their old live classic ANTI CND which has never been previously recorded by LTS. And the music is more or less the same as in the early stages - Mod Punk with powerpop, The Saints, MC5, The Dead Boys, The Heartbreakers, early Sham 69, Angelic Upstarts and more... So once again they epitomized the pure Mod Revival sound with incorporate the agression of Punk and call it today Giffer.

1. What a Nice Day    
2. Turn it up    
3. Born to Lose    
4. Ships in the Night    
5. Family Tree    
6. I Know What Made Marvin Gay    
7. At the Weekend
8. Anti CND    
9. Giffer City Rockers    
10. I Ain't Gonna be a Mule For You    
11. One Track Mind    
12. Have Jaguar, will travel    
13. Why Do Lovers?    
14. Going to a Jihad    
15. The Other Side